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Welcome to Medfleet Delivery.  Our variety and professionalism have raised the standard for medical marijuana deliveries.  At Medfleet Delivery, we are committed to providing high quality medical marijuana to our patients.  We strive to help empower patients with the quality of life they deserve through compassion, professionalism and service beyond just the typical delivery.  Medfleet Delivery sources the safest, highest quality products possible, leaving no guesswork to the patient.  With Medfleet Delivery, our patients live better.  Order with us today and see why!


Weed. Pot. Green. Grass. Cannabis.  We believe we know what Marijuana is and what we go on to use it for.  However, do we really?  As Cannabis goes Main Street, it goes without saying we have all seen through time how it has undergone a huge number of changes.  In perspective, if we look back, not too far in the past, we have seen a war on Cannabis that eventually ended up exhausting itself.  Ultimately, Marijuana has taken us above and beyond the days in darkness.  It has pushed us forward towards the light in good time, with more research, testing, productions and overall unimaginable creativity which has built paths to a future advanced in science, where at the same time sets numerous positive outcomes to take place, increasing a lifestyle down a healthy road, having us safe, smart and strong here in California and the United States.

Medfleet Delivery Times

At Medfleet Delivery we do our best ensuring delivery arrival times in West Hollywood are within 30-35 minutes.  Delivery arrival times in LA & the surrounding areas are more or less a 15 minute difference.  Although we strive to make delivery times at the very best, due to LA traffic, rush hours, holidays, weekends, special events, and/or other unforeseen circumstances, delivery times may vary but we will keep our patients updated.


All patients must:

1. Present a valid form of government issued identification.

2. Provide a breakdown of requested orders and/or special instructions. 

3. Provide a valid address which upon delivery arrival will have to be confirmed.

4. Themselves be present for order pick up to ensure delivery is completed successfully.

*Patient must be present at delivery pick up to avoid order cancellation.


- Minimum Age 21+

- Photos

First Time Patients

FTP's will receive a Medfleet Delivery starter kit containing fifteen (15) Cannabis related items.

Special Announcements

Each order submitted and delivered successfully will enter in 1 ticket towards Medfleet Delivery's Monthly Raffle.  At the end of each month, a winner is drawn at random and will win a prize!

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